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About Us

Unilift Cranes & Equipment P/L began in 2005 as a specialty material handling system solution provider, solving specific manufacturing problems and supplying material handling solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industry in Australia. As a registered distributor for Knight Global Australasia and Piab Vacuum Systems, Unilift Cranes & Equipment sources and integrates various hoisting and crane systems into each project on a fit for purpose basis, this ensures world’s best practice is maintained throughout all systems supplied. Clients include a diverse group of industries: automotive, aviation, military, food and beverage, construction, and entertainment firms.

Unilift Cranes & Equipment’s expertise transforms manufacturing concepts into load-responsive handling devices providing precision, speed, quality and reliability. Our sales associates work in unison with our product and design specialists and you, creating system layouts to facility specifications. Existing tooling may also be retrofitted and adjusted per end user requirements.

Quality is foremost in all systems supplied by Unilift Cranes & Equipment Pty Ltd and special attention is paid to developing a predictive and preventative maintenance plan during the design phase as this becomes an integral part of the overall project, availability of the system for production with the only down time being planned down time is a key objective for Unilift Cranes & Equipment.


Unilift ergonomic solutions and Products include:

  • Servo Systems, including the first "chain" hoist.

  • Rail Systems

  • Pneumatic balancers

  • Manipulator arms - standard or custom

  • Tool balancing, torque reaction and positioning devices.

  • Lift, tilt, and rotate tables

  • Ergonomic "Smart Carts"

  • Custom designed assembly systems

  • Control systems

  • Vacuum Conveying components and systems

  • Vacuum Generating components and systems

  • Automated production systems

  • Electric Chain Hoists

  • Electric overhead travelling cranes

  • Light crane systems

Contact Us

For more information on any of our range of products including overhead cranes; single girder or double girder, electric chain hoists, gantry cranes, jib cranes, workstation cranes, electric wire hoists and radio control systems please get in touch with us on +61 8 8244 2700 or submit our online form below:

Unilift Cranes & Equipment Pty Ltd 3 Wirriga Street, Regency Park, SA. 5010
: +61 [0]8 8244 2700 Fax : +61 [0]8 8244 2711


14 January 2011

Website Upgrade

15 January 2011

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Unilift Cranes & Equip P/L
3 Wirriga Street, Regency Park, SA. 5010

Phone: +61 8 8244 2700
Fax: +61 8 8244 2711